What’s Behind Online Dating Fraud? Iovation Quantifies The How Often, What, When And Where – Yahoo Finance

iovation has a unique view into the activity of Internet-enabled devices across the globe. By protecting online businesses in a variety of industries, including dating, gaming, financial services, retail and others, iovation’s shared device intelligence helps businesses sort good customers from the bad. “We looked at a laptop that had visited 18 different dating sites within a month. Many of our clients had already associated the device with credit card fraud, phishing, profile misrepresentation, identity theft and other abuses. Since these 18 dating sites all use iovation’s risk service , they were able to understand the high risk of doing business with that device (and the user behind it) and deny the registration attempts,” said Jon Karl. “When that same laptop visited our financial clients to set up money transfer accounts (to women use when their “emergency” home page hit) and visited our shipping clients (to ship “gifts” to their victims), they were denied as well. That’s the power of iovation’s cybercrime intelligence network.” To learn more about the power of device intelligence to stop fraudsters, download this guide: http://bit.ly/1DArRIU .
Full story: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/whats-behind-online-dating-fraud-194810565.html


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