That Awkward Moment…dating Naked Episode 1 | Reality Tv News And Gossip | Vh1 Blog


Carroll | July 17, 2014 9:30 pm Last night for the premiere episode of Dating Naked we met Joe and Wee Wee (yes, Wee Wee ohhhh the irony), two eligible young singles looking for love and hoping doing something different will yield different results. Although Wee Weewent out with weird and waspy John and the husky player Justice, and Joe got struck with lust for the exotic beauty Jasmine, and felt comfortable around violinist Chrissy the two ended up picking each other and dating walking away hoping to get naked again, but not without giving us some awkward gifs. Joe becomes a human beach ball, but first he has to get into the ball. John takes body painting to a new level with peen painting. Try to getting on hammock with clothes on, now with clothes off you may need assistance. For some reason when youre naked, and kiss on the cheek becomes 10 times harder.
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