Report: Philly Va Benefits Center Is In Stunning Disarray – Veterans – Stripes

Staff hiding mail. Staff shredding military and returned mail that couldn’t be delivered. Managers being aware of duplicate payments being made to veterans and directing staff to write off the overpayments. The agency said the regional office is providing additional guidance and training to address the duplicate payments. It also said the 68 mail bins of papers dating to 2011 were sorted, and all the documents were found to be associated with completed claims and are now being electronically scanned. The inspector general said the old mail, which included both claims and supporting documents, was of concern because decisions on claims could have been made without all the necessary information. The VA, in its statement, said the office is also being investigated on allegations that staff members have faced retaliation for speaking with the inspectors. Ruell said the inspectors visited the site in June after she told a friend and former employee from date the center about her concerns, and he notified the inspector general. It’s not the first time Ruell and Cease have gone up against their employer.
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