Church Of England Expected To Vote ‘yes’ To Women Bishops – Yahoo News

The General Synod, the governing body of the Church of England, will now vote on an amended draft. “I think and believe that this is the moment for us to vote yes,” said the Bishop of Rochester James Langstaff, who proposed the motion to the Synod in the northern English city of York. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, spiritual leader of the world’s 80 million Anglicans, has said people would find it “almost incomprehensible” if the Synod voted “no” again. Hilary Cotton, chairman of the Women and the Church group, which has campaigned for women bishops, said she was very optimistic, and that the mood appeared to be different in the governing body, which only allowed women to be priests in 1992. “There is a real will to move forward and together,” she told Reuters. The 2012 vote was rejected by the Synod, with the bishops and the clergy in favour and opposition from lay members denying the two thirds majority needed in all three houses to pass. The Church’s response was to set up a committee to find common ground and its new proposals won widespread acceptance in the Synod in November last year. The plan is to create an independent official who could intervene when traditionalist parishes complain about women bishops’ authority, as well as guidelines for parishes women whose congregations reject women’s ministry. “Theologically, the church has been wrong not to ordain women as priests and bishops over the centuries,” Welby told the BBC TV in an interview broadcast on Sunday.
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