Jon Hamm Not Dating Elisabeth Moss, Marriage Not In Trouble

SCANDAL! The two of them have been together since 1997, women but since theyre both working actors, they dont necessarily get to see each other all the time. Particularly right now, while Jennifer is performing inSteven Soderberghs Off-Broadway production ofThe Library. If you have a strong enough conflict, like, say, your husbands movie premiere, a show can typically give you the night off, but apparently Jennifer is just as uninspired byMillion Dollar Armas we are, and she was conspicuously absent on the red carpet, prompting a reporter to ask about her. Unfortunately Jen cant be here tonight because shes on stage in New York City. Far far away from here, and far far away fromJon.Since Jennifer needs to be in New York for her show and Jon needs to be in Los Angeles forwhatever, theyre actually dating long-distance right now. Im back [in NYC] every two weeks. So I pop back and forth. Only seeing each other once every two weeks, huh? Kinda makes you understand why the Elisabeth Moss rumors cropped up in the first place. more info But everyone around him is deny-deny-denying, saying itd be crazy if they hooked up, and adding, that Jons been in New York quite a bit lately, supporting Jennifer.
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